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Browse Safely
Sandboxie-Sandbox app for Windows x64 & x86.

FlipFlops' Computer
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Chicagoland Area DNS Servers
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Pro-Audio Links
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Search Engines search engine that supports global tree planting. Powered by Microsoft Bing®, untracked searches. Powered by Yahoo!®."Start Page"-Fast, untracked searches. Powered by Google® (the search engine that tracks you). engine based in Russia and 8 other European countries.
Sequere Search-Good place to search for the articles on the physics of sound amongst other publications.

Waterfox-Fastest 64-bit browser.
Firefox-For all other platforms.
Firefox Nightly

Media Player
VLC Player v2.2.8
VLC Player nightly builds v3.0.0rc & 4.0.0
DAUM Potplayer Upsample audio and video on the fly. Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10-64/32-bit.

Audio Manipulation
Audacity-Edit, eq, add effects and more to and from a host of audio formats.
Audacity Nightly Builds [win32]

Audio/Video Transcoders
Handbrake v1.0.1 stable-Intuitive GUI for h.264 L5.2 8-bit high4:2:0, h.265 8-bit high4:2:0, Theora and VP8.
    Handbrake Nightly Builds-Offers h.264 8/10-bit high4:4:4, h.265 8/10/12-bit high4:4:4.
Internet Friendly Media Converter v6.1.0.0-h.265 GUI for x265, mkvmerge, FAAC.
x265.exe 8-bit, 10-bit, 12-bit encoder nightly and stable builds, optional AVX and AVX2 extensions and PGO optimization
ffmpeg.exe Zeranoe nightly and stable builds
MkvToolNix (mkvmerge.exe) v19.0.0 stable build
MkvToolNix nightly builds
FFMS/ffms2 v2.23.1
GPAC/mp4box nightly builds
x265 release notes for nightly and stable builds
FFMPEG command line reference
h.265 HEVC command line reference
FLAC command line reference
h.264 AAC command line reference
FAAC + other formats command line reference

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